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A New Frontier

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On an exclusive trip to Saudi Arabia to consult with the Crown Prince on the nation's new tourism program, Indagare's founder, Melissa Biggs Bradley, and COO, Eliza Scott Harris, uncover the tourism blockbuster of the next decade.

A. On some journeys, the real magic is being in a destination at a certain moment, when you have been lucky enough to slip in through a window of opportunity and it seems as if you blink, it will close.  Sometimes it's when things are changing so rapidly that you know a place will be radically different in a year.  That was how it was for me in Shanghai in 2014: As I stood on the Bund looking across the river at the Pudong skyline, with its imaginative, futuristic architecture and cranes scattered in every direction, I had an intense feeling of watching the city transform before my eyes.  Sometimes, it's the opposite, when globalization and commercialization haven't arrived, as when you notice the lack of American brands in Havana or the small-town vibe of Harbour Island.  Sometimes it's when a place is just welcoming Western tourism, as Myanmar was five tears ago, and you have a sense of being let in on a wonderful secret.  And sometimes it's just going to a place where nature is still so pure and unspoiled that being there feels like winding back the clock.  That's how I felt the first time I went to New Zealand.

B. In January, Indagare CEO Melissa Biggs Bradley and I had the opportunity to visit another destination at a crossroads, a place that combines an opening up to the West, memorable culture and pure natural beauty.  The latter is most evident in Al-'Ula, a region about the size of Belgium in northwest Saudi Arabia, centered on a gorgeous ancient oasis and containing a wealth of 2,000-year-old archeological sites that are treasures of human history.  The heart of this region is Mada'in Saleh, home to a breathtaking Nabatean necropolis of more than 130 rock-hewn tombs that recall of those at Petra, in Jordan.  Although named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, it has attracted few western visitors.  Currently, it attracts none at all, as the government officially closed it, along with two other sites, while a royal commission decides how best to protect and preserve magnificent tombs, some of which are still being excavated.

C. The entire county is on the cusp of change, implementing economic and social reforms, including allowing women to drive for the first time.  A key impetus for this is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud's ambitious blueprint for the kingdom's future, Vision 2030.  By that date, the 32-year-old Crown Prince projects that at least 50 percent of Saudi Arabia's revenue will come from sources other than oil.  One of these sources will be tourism centered on the kingdom's rich cultural heritage.  As part of this, the government plans to allow tourist visas starting this year, a sea change for this famously private country, where visas have been extremely limited and tightly controlled.

Questions 1 - 3

The passage has six paragraphs, A - C. Choose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list of headings, i - v, below.  Some headings may not be used.

List of headings

i. Tourism of tomorrow

ii. An ancient oasis

iii. Saudia Arabia's Crown Prince

iv. The perfect moment

v. Saudi Arabia's beautiful locales

  1. Paragraph A ............
  2. Paragraph B ............
  3. Paragraph C ............
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