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A Tale of Two Cities and Many Bridges

ottowa waterway

The waterways that make the National Capital Region so wonderful and unique are also the reason that bridges are so important to tying the two cities together as well as for moving around within them.  The Ottawa River, Rideau River, Gatineau River, and Rideau Canal are all integral focus points for the region, but they also pose significant transportation challenges - and sometimes opportunities.  In order to address some of these challenges, bridges are critical connection points that always seem to be in short supply.  However, particularly in recent years, both Ottawa and Gatineau have been working hard to create bold and transformative connections - especially for active transportation - that make these beautiful waterways less of a barrier and more of an asset.

In order to help explore the context and impact of these bridges, CITE (Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers) will be offering conference delegates the opportunity to take a bus tour of bridge projects across the Capital Region.  This unique tour will showcase points of interest for practitioners with a variety of interests.  The tour will include a variety of bridge types creating an opportunity to explore planning and design challenges and wins, as well as a discussion of construction obstacles.

Tour stops will include the Vimy Memorial Bridge build in 2014 and the 2015 winner of the Gustav Lindenthal Medal.  This bridge provides a valuable connection between the rapidly growing neighborhoods of Barrhaven and Riverside South.  It includes facilities for a growing share of active transportation users and adds to the expanding network throughout the suburban neighborhoods of Ottawa.

In a more urban context, the tour will visit the newest addition of Ottawa, the multi-use pedestrian and cyclist Flora Footbridge.  Increase the connectivity of Ottawa's downtown neighborhoods and featuring a lookout area and bold architectural design, this bridge is poised to quickly become an Ottawa landmark.

From the brand new to the quite old, the Pont Noir in Gatineau is a 100+ year old bridge that has recently been retrofitted to better support bikes, pedestrians, and buses at the same time in the same space.  This project is sure to inspire those who wish to improve multimodal connectivity while conserving the inherent value of historic structures within our cities.


Questions 1-6

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the passage? Write:

True                     if the statement agrees with the information

False                    if the statement contradicts the information

Not Given            if there is no information on this


  1. The waterways in the National Capital Region are the source of both problems and opportunities.
  2. The region has enough bridges.
  3. A train tour of various bridge projects in the region will be organized by CITE.
  4. The Flora Footbridge is expected to be used primarily by pedestrians.
  5. Already a landmark in Ottawa, the Flora Foodbridge connects neighborhoods in the downtown area.
  6. The Pont Noir bridge can support vehicles and people on foot.
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